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SINCE 2012





 Credentials and Services


  • FAA Remote Pilots License Holders (Part 107 Certified)

  • Fully Insured

  • 15 Years RC experience

  • Construction site / Safety experience

  • 'Drone U' Flight Mastery Certified

  • 'Drone U' Pix4D Mapping Certified


  • Photogrammetry Using Drones and PIX4D

  • PIX4D Processing

  • Drone Project Consultants

  • Network and I.T. Consultants

  • Construction Site Monitoring

    • 3D Mapping

    • Job Progression pictures and video

    • Aerial Inspections

    • Safety Improvement

  • UAV Sales and Service


Meet the Team

Jon and Dave

Dave and Jon Schwalm, Owners of Northeast Dronez since 2012, are a Father/Son Team from Central New York.  They have over a decade of drone experience, making them some of the technology’s earliest adopters. Dave’s Construction Executive background grew the need for a better way to photograph large construction projects, which naturally pushed them into Drones. 

Jon built one of the first custom drones available at the time, based on a FlameWheel F550 frame. They have hundreds of hours of experience including 3D-Modeling, Cell tower, Solar farm, & Wind Turbine inspections. Dave and Jon participated in one of the first blanket 'Flight over people' FAA waivers for drone deliveries which involved the use of a ballistics parachute system.  They have flown everything from a Mavic Mini to an M600. They also took the DroneU mapping and flight mastery class several years ago and credit their success to the confidence and skills gained through the experience.

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